Red Sea

Red Sea
Coordinates 22°N 38°E / 22°N 38°E / 22; 38Coordinates: 22°N 38°E / 22°N 38°E / 22; 38
Max. length 2,250 km (1,400 mi)
Max. width 355 km (220 mi)
Surface area 438,000 km2 (170,000 sq mi)
Average depth 490 m (1,600 ft)
Max. depth 2,211 m (7,300 ft)
Water volume Template:Convert/km3
This video over the south-eastern Mediterranean Sea and down the coastline of the Red Sea was taken by the crew of Expedition 29 on board the International Space Station.

Red Sea (jiske Arabian Gulf ke naam se bhi jaana jaae hae,[1] or Gulf of Arabia[2][3]) Indian Ocean ke ek seawater inlet hae jon ki Africa aur Asia ke biich me hae. Iske southe me Gulf of Aden aur north me Sinai Peninsula, Gulf of Aqaba aur Gulf of Suez hae, jisse Suez Canal jaawa jaae hae.

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Iske ninaare che des hae

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Iske kinaare ke kuchh khaas town aur city hae::


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