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Ii party dui dafe sarkar banais, pahila dafe Timoci Bavadra Prime Misnister banaa aur duusra dafe Mahendra Chaudhry Prime Minister banaa, lekin dunoo dafe sarkar ke coup ke kaaran palat dewa gais.
== 1987 ke general elections ==
1987 ke general election me Alliance Party, jon ki Fiji me 17 saal tak raj karis rahaa ke harae ke aur 52 me se 27 seat jiit ke Fiji Labour Party - National Federation Party coalition, sarkar banais.
Cabinet ke member rahin:
*Dr. Timoci Bavadra - Prime Minister and Minister for Fijian & Home Affairs
*Harish Sharma - Dep. PM and Min for Housing, Urban Affairs & Information
*Jai Ram Reddy - Attorney General and Minister for Justice
*Mahendra Chaudhry - Minister for Finance and Economic Planning
*Mosese Volavola - Minister for Lands, Energy and Mineral Resources
*Joeli Kalou - Minister for Labour and Immigration
*Dr. Satendra Nandan - Minister for Health and Social Welfare
*Dr. Tupeni Baba - Minister for Education, Youth and Sports
*Krishna Datt - Minister for Foreign Affairs and Civil Aviation
*Ratu Jo Nacula - Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forests
*Ahmed Bhamji - Minister for Communications, Transport and Works
*Navin Maharaj - Minister for Trade, Industry and Tourism
The Fiji Military Forces overthrew the Labour Government after only one month in office. The armed overthrow was led by Lt. Col. Sitiveni Rabuka, on May 14th 1987 at 10.00am and members of the government were held in captivity for seven days at the Boron House. Another attempt to get back to constitutional Government of National Unity also met the same fate when military again took over on 25th September 1987 and imposed military rule.
1992 General Elections
Previously Fiji Labour Party had decided that it would not contest any elections under the racially biased and discriminatory 1990 Constitution. However, the prevailing situation at that moment compelled the National Council meeting to decide otherwise and contest the 1992 general elections to have a voice in the House of Representatives. The Party did extremely well despite their late start to win the following 13 seats:
Mahendra P Chaudhry
Anand Babla
Krishna Chand
G R S Chaudhry
Tulsi Ram Khelawan
Shiromani Madhawan
Vinod Maharaj
Dr. K S Naidu
R Prasad
Pradhuman Raniga
Shiu Sharan Sharma
Lateef Subedar
Lekh Ram Vayeshno
1994 Snap Elections
The 1994 snap elections was a bitter affair with National Federation Party as it used racial overtures and FLP's conditional support for Sitiveni Rabuka to become the Prime Minister in return of immediate review of the racially discriminatory 1990 Constitution, ALTA, VAT and Labour reforms. Though FLP suffered due to the distortion of certain facts during the Elections, we still managed to win 7 Seats in the House of Representatives. More importantly, FLP raked in 46% of the total Indian votes, which indicated that labour still enjoyed a very strong support in the community.
The following members were elected to the House of Representatives following the snap elections:
Mahendra P Chaudhry
Krishna Datt
Anand Babla
Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi
Vinod Maharaj
Dr. K S Naidu
Shiromani Madhavan
1999 National Elections
The 1999 General Elections was held under the newly formulated 1997 Constitution and Fiji Labour Party after running an extensive campaign to help the poor and promising to address the disadvantaged, alleviation of poverty, bringing down the basic cost of livelihood, overwhelmingly won 37 seats. Together with its coalition partners, the coalition had 52 seats.
The following were the Labour Party members in Government:
Mahendra P. Chaudhry - Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Public Enterprise, Sugar Industry and Information.
Dr. Tupeni L. Baba - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs.
Anand K. Singh - Attorney General and Minister for Justice.
Ratu Moses Volavola - Minister for Lands, ALTA and Mineral Resources
S. S. Sharma - Minister for Works and Energy.
Pratap Chand - Minister for Education.
Ratu T. Momoedonu - Minister for Labour and Industrial Relations
Anup Kumar - Minister for Commerce, Business Development & Investment
Dr. Ganesh Chand - Minister for National Planning, Local Government, Housing and Environment.
Manoa Bale - Minister for Regional Development and Multi-Ethnic Affairs
Lavenia Padarath - Minister for Women, Culture and Social Welfare.
Gaffar Ahmad - Assistant Minister for Home Affairs.
L. R. Vayeshnoi - Assistant Minister in Prime Minister's Office.
John Ali - Assistant Minister for Housing and Transport.
Dr. Gunasegran Gounder - Assistant Minister for Health.
The People Coalition Government one year at helm speaks for itself as milestone were reached and below is an account of the achievements of the government.