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Ba, Fiji ke ek town hai, jon ke Lautoka city se 37 kilimeter, ar Nadi se 62 kilometer, door hai. Iske abaadi, 1996 census ke anusaar, 14,596 hai. Ba town Ba nadii ke kinare hai. Bahut din talak Ba aapan single lane put khaatir mashuur rahaa lekin ab ek nawaa pul ban gais hai.
Ba is a town in Fiji, 37 kilometers from Lautoka and 62 kilometers from Nadi, inland from the coast of Viti Levu, Fiji's largest island. Covering an area of 327 square kilometers, it had a population of 14,596 at the 1996 census. The town is built on the banks of the Ba River, after which it is named. For a long time Ba was famous for its single lane bridge which caused major traffic problems. The old bridge was washed away in the floods of 1990s and a new bridge built downstream. This resulted in the main highway (King's Road) by-pasing Ba town.
Ba me jaada kar ke ganna boea jaae hai. Hian par jaada kar ke Hindustani log rahe hai.
Ba is an agricultural centre, populated mostly by Indo-Fijians, which makes it a cultural point for tourists. Sugar cane has long been the mainstay of the local economy, but some manufacturing projects have been established over the past fifteen years. Ba is part of the larger Ba Province, geographically the largest of Fiji's fourteen Provinces.
Ba ke 1939 me town banaawa gais rahaa. Ba town council me 15 member hai.
Ba was incorporated as a Town in 1939, and is governed by a 15-member Town Council, whose members elect a Mayor from among themselves. At the last municipal election held in 2002, 14 of the 15 seats were won by the National Federation Party, with the remaining seat going to an independent candidate. The Mayor is Praveen Bala.
ProminentBa landmarkske includemain theattraction hai Rarawai Sugar Mill (ontown theke outskirtsbagal ofme) theaur town) andke abiich largeme mosqueek near the river in the heart of the townmasjid.
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