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|settlement_type = [[Direct-controlled municipality#People's Republic of China|Municipality]]
|total_type = Municipality
|image_skyline = Pudong Skyline,Shanghai Shanghae, PRCmontage.jpg png
|image_caption = Clockwise from top: A view of the [[Pudong]] skyline; [[Yuyuan Garden]], [[China pavilion at Expo 2010|China Pavilion]] along with the [[Expo Axis]], neon signs on [[Nanjing Road]], and [[The Bund]]
|image_caption = A view of the [[Pudong]] skyline
|image_map = ShanghaeBundpic2China Shanghai.jpgsvg
|map_caption = Location of Shanghai Municipality within = [[The Bund]] in [[Puxi]]China
|image_map1 = China Shanghae.svg
|map_caption1 =
|map_caption1 = Location of Shanghae Municipality within China
|subdivision_type = Country
|subdivision_name = {{flag|China}}