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|imagecaption= The word "Nepali" written in [[Devanagari script]]
|speakers=native&ndash;31native–31 million<ref name=census>[http://www.ethnologue.com/show_language.asp?code=nep Ethnologue Report for Nepali] (Accessed 1 February 2009).</ref>
|fam2=[[Indo-Iranian languages|Indo-Iranian]]
|fam3=[[Indo-Aryan languages|Indo-Aryan]]
|fam5=[[Eastern Pahadi]]
|script=[[Devanagari script]]
|nation={{NEP|Nepal}}<br /> [[File:Seal of Sikkim greyscale.png|23px]] [[Sikkim]] ([[India]])<br /> [[ImageFile:Seal of West Bengal.svg|23px]] [[West Bengal]] ([[India]])
|agency=Language Academy of Nepal
|map=Nepali language status.png
|mapcaption=World map with significant Nepali language speakers <br />'''Dark Blue''': Main official language, <br />'''Light blue''': One of the official languages, <br />'''Red''': Places with significant abaadi or greater than 20% but without official recognition.
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' ek bhasa hae.
== Bahaari jorr ==
* [http://www.oopslite.com/software/nepali_keyboard.html Romanized Nepali Unicode Keyboard] developed by OOPSLite Technologies
[[uk:Непальська мова]]
[[vi:Tiếng Nepal]]