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(Created page with ""'''Jana Gana Mana '''"<ref group="lower-greek" name="IPA1"/> ({{lang-bn|জন গণ মন}}, {{lang-sa|जन गण मन}}), India ke national anthem hae. ==...")
"'''Jana Gana Mana '''"<ref group="lower-greek" name="IPA1"/> ({{lang-bn|জন গণ মন}}, {{lang-sa|जन गण मन}}), [[India]] ke [[national anthem]] hae.
The text, though Bengali, is highly sanskritised (written in a literary [[register (sociolinguistics)|register]] called [[Sadhu bhasa]]). The song has been written almost entirely using nouns that also can function as verbs. Most of the nouns of the song are in use in all major languages in India. Therefore, the original song is quite clearly understandable, and in fact, remains almost unchanged in several widely different Indian languages. Also as quasi-Sanskrit text, it is acceptable in many modern [[Indic language]]s, but the [[pronunciation]] varies considerably across India. This is primarily because most Indic languages are [[abugida]]s in that certain unmarked consonants are assumed to have an inherent vowel, but conventions for this differ among the [[languages of India]]. The [[transcription (linguistics)|transcription]] below reflects the Bengali pronunciation, in both the [[Bengali script]] and [[romanization of Bengali|romanization]].
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