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| nickname = City, The Citizens, The Sky Blues
| motto = Superbia in Proelia (Latin for: Pride in Battle)
| founded = 1880<br>''St. Mark's (West Gorton)'' jaisan<br>16 April 1894<ref>{{cite book |last=James |first=Gary |title=Manchester City - The Complete Record |publisher=Breedon |location=Derby |year=2006 |isbn=1-85983-512-0}} p17</ref><br>''Manchester City'' jaisan<ref>On 16 April 1894, the name was changed to ''Manchester City''.</ref>
| ground = [[City of Manchester Stadium]],<br>[[Manchester]]
| capacity = 47,405<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.premierleague.com/content/dam/premierleague/site-content/News/publications/handbooks/premier-league-handbook-2013-14.pdf|title=Premier League Handbook Season 2013/14 |format=PDF |accessdate=17 August 2013 |work=[[Premier League]]}}</ref>