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| text = ''This work is in the '''[[public domain]]''' because it is an [[Ordnance Survey]] map over 50 years old. Ordnance Survey maps are covered by crown copyright which in this case expires 50 years after publication. Ordnance Survey does however ask that they be credited and that the date of publication be given.<br />
''Any ancillary rights gained through the creation of the electronic version are granted as freely usable under any circumstances.''<div style="display:none;">
<span class="licensetpl_short">PD</span>
<span class="licensetpl_long">Public domain</span>
<span class="licensetpl_link_req">false</span>
<span class="licensetpl_attr_req">true</span>
}}{{file other
| [[Category:Old Ordnance Survey map images|{{PAGENAME}}]]
}}{{free media}}<noinclude>
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