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| imageright = [[Image:Open Clipart Library logo.svg|80px|Open Clipart Library logo]]
| text = ''This image is from the [http://www.openclipart.org Open Clip Art Library]. All works included in the library are [[public domain]].''<br>
<small>{{#if:{{{1|}}}|Original URL: {{{1}}}|To the uploader: Please provide as parameter the link to the page where this image appears.}}</small><div style="display:none;">
<span class="licensetpl_short">PD</span>
<span class="licensetpl_long">Public domain</span>
<span class="licensetpl_link_req">false</span>
<span class="licensetpl_attr_req">false</span>
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}}{{free media}}<noinclude>
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