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for local main page
(form bhwiki)
(for local main page)
* Keep code in MediaWiki:Common.js to a minimum as it is unconditionally
* loaded for all users on every wiki page. If possible create a gadget that is
* enabled by default instead of adding it here (since gadgets are fully
* optimized ResourceLoader modules with possibility to add dependencies etc.)
* Since Common.js isn't a gadget, there is no place to declare its
* dependencies, so we have to lazy load them with mw.loader.using on demand and
* then execute the rest in the callback. In most cases these dependencies will
* be loaded (or loading) already and the callback will not be delayed. In case a
* dependency hasn't arrived yet it'll make sure those are loaded before this.
/* global mw, $ */
/* jshint strict:false, browser:true */
mw.loader.using( ['mediawiki.user', 'mediawiki.util', 'mediawiki.notify'] ).done( function () {
* Description: Adds an additional link to the complete list of languages available.
* Maintainers: [[User:AzaToth]], [[Userbh:R. Koot]], [[User:Alex SmotrovSM7]]
if ( mw.config.get( 'wgPageName' ) === 'मुख्य_पन्नाPahila_Panna' || mw.config.get( 'wgPageName' ) === 'वार्तालापbaat:मुख्य_पन्नाPahila_Panna' ) {
$( function () {
mw.util.addPortletLink( 'p-lang', '//meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/List_of_Wikipedias',
'पूराPuura लिस्टList', 'interwiki-completelist', 'विकिपीडियाwikipedia सभsab केke पूराpuura लिस्टlist' );
} );