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'''{{PAGENAME}} (School Code: )''', Fiji ke ek school hae. 2006 me ii school me larrkan parrhat rahin.<ref>[http://archive.is/20121205105505/www.education.gov.fj/forms/PUBLICATIONS&PRESS%20RELEASES/ANNUAL%20REPORTS/ANNUAL%20REPORTS%202004%20TO%202006/ANNUAL%20REPORT%202006/2006%20AR%20Tables/2006%20AR%20Tables%20IX_X/2006%20Roll%20Worksheet.xls 2006 Roll Worksheet.xls - Ministry of Education]</ref>
est in 1931 as karavi Government school which was later given to management of school. from that time it was named as karavi public school
now there are more then 200 students studying in this school.
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