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Hello there,
! colspan="2" | Atomic Structure
| Symbol
| Ag
| Atomic Number
| 47
| Atomic Mass
| 107.86 g/mol
! colspan="2" | Periodic Table
| Group
| Row / Period
| 5
| Element Category
| Transition Metal
! colspan="2" | Chhapa
| colspan="2" | [[File:Electron shell 047 Silver.svg|thumb|center|200px|Silver ke electron shell]]
'''Silver''' (symbol '''Ag''') ek [[chemical element]] hae jiske [[atomic number] 47, aur [[atomic weight]] 107.86 a.m.u. hae. Iske symbol Ag, [[Latin]] me silver ke sabd , ''argentum'' se aais hae. Ii ek [[transition metal]] hae.
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== Properties ==
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=== Physical properties ===
Silver ek naram [[metal]] hae. Jab iske paisa nai to gahana me kaam me lawa jaae hae ab iske [[sona]] nai to aur koi metal ke saathe milawa jaawe hae jisse ki aur karraa hoe jaawe. Iske rang bluish-white hae, ii light ke achchhaa se reflect kare hae aur electricity ke achchhaa se conduct kare hae. Iske ek precious metal maana jaawe hae. Iske wire me banawa jaae sake hae aur ek sheet me hammer karaa jaawe sake hae. Dunis bhar me Silver ke paisa ke kharida aur beja jaae sake hae.
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=== Chemical properties ===
[[File:Silver-264109.jpg|thumb|left|Natural silver tarnished]]
Silver bahut eactive nai hae. Ii Nitric Acid ke chhorr ke aur acid me dissolve nai hoe hae. Lekin ii tagrraa [[oxidizing agent]], jaise ki [[potassium dichromate]] nai to [[potassium permanganate]] se ract hoe hae. Iske bahut muskil se murcha pakrre hae. Ii khaali uu time murrchae hae jab ki ii [[hydrogen sulfide]] se hawaa me mile hae, jab ki ii ek karia coating fom kare hae.
[[File:Silver(I)-oxide-sample.jpg|thumb|[[Silver(I) oxide]]]]
Silver +1 [[oxidation state]] me [[ion]] ke ruup me rahe hae, compounds me jaise ki[[silver(I) oxide]]. Kuchh compound +2 oxidation state me rahe hae aur ii bahut tagrraa oxidizing agent rahe hae. Silver ke compound gray, black, brown, nai to ujjar rahe sake hae. Silver ke compund ke disinfectant ke rakam me kaam me lwa jaae sake hae.
== Chhapa ke gallery ==
Image:SilverUSGOV.jpg|A chunk of silver
Image:Silber mineral erz.jpg
Image:Mineraly.sk - striebro.jpg
Image:Native silver.jpg|Native silver on calcite
Image:Silver band.png
Image:Luna symbol.png|symbol for luna
Image:Plata Símbolo Dalton.png
Image:Křemičitan stříbrný.PNG|Křemičitan stříbrný - Ag<sub>2</sub>SiO<sub>3</sub>
Image:Silver_crystal.jpg|{{FP star}}{{QI seal}}{{VI seal}} silver crystal, synthetic electrolytic made
Image:Silver-nugget.jpg|Natural silver nugget
Image:Silver Bottle 01.jpg|Silver foil in a bottle
== Products ==
Image:Kutthuvilakku wall closeup.jpg
Image:Kutthuvilakku wall.jpg
=== [[Silver coin]]s ===
==== Miscellaneous ====
Image:American Silver Eagle, obverse, 2004.jpg|'''[[American Silver Eagle]]'''
==== Roman and Byzantine ====
Image:Argenteus-Constantius I-antioch RIC 033a.jpg|'''[[Argenteus]]'''
Image:Hexagram-Constans II and Constantine IV-sb0995.jpg|'''[[Hexagram (coin)|Hexagram]]'''
Image:Miliaresion-Romanus III-sb1822.jpg|'''[[Miliaresion]]'''
Image:Serratus.wmt.jpg|'''[[Denarius Serratus]]'''
Image:Siliqua Constantine III-RIC 1355.jpg|'''[[Siliqua]]'''
{{Periodic Table}}
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