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[[Image:Leonhard Euler by Handmann .png|thumb|right|Leonhard Euler]]
|box_width = 300px
|name = Leonhard Euler
|image = Leonhard Euler 2.jpg
|caption = Portrait by Emanuel Handmann 1756
|birth_date = {{birth date|df=yes|1707|4|15}}
|birth_place = Basel, [[Switzerland]]
|death_date = {{death date and age|1783|9|18|1707|4|15|df=y}}<br/><small><nowiki>[</nowiki>OS: 7 September 1783<nowiki>]</nowiki></small>
|death_place = [[St. Petersburg]], [[Russia]]
|residence = [[Germany|Prussia]], [[Russia]]</br> [[Switzerland]]
|citizenship =
|nationality = [[Switzerland|Swiss]]
|ethnicity =
|field = Mathematician aur Physicist
|work_institutions = Imperial Russian Academy of Sciences</br> Berlin Academy
|alma_mater = University of Basel
|doctoral_advisor = Johann Bernoulli
|doctoral_students = Joseph Louis Lagrange
|known_for = See full list
|author_abbrev_bot =
|author_abbrev_zoo =
|influences =
|influenced =
|prizes =
|religion = Calvinist<ref>{{cite book|title=Scientists of Faith|author=Dan Graves|location=Grand Rapids, MI|year=1996|publisher=Kregel Resources|pages=85–86}}</ref><ref>{{cite book|title=Men of Mathematics, Vol. 1|author=E. T. Bell|location=London|year=1953|publisher=Penguin|pages=155}}</ref>
|footnotes = He is the father of the mathematician Johann Euler</br>He is listed by academic genealogy authorities as the equivalent to the doctoral advisor of Joseph Louis Lagrange.
|signature = Euler's signature.svg
'''Leonhard Euler''' (pronounced ''Oiler'') ([[15 April]] [[1707]] &ndash; [[7 September]] [[1783]]) ek [[Switzerland|Swiss]] [[mathematician]] aur [[physicist]] rahaa. Uu aapan jindagi ke jaada time [[Russia]] aur [[Germany]] me bitais rahaa.