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== Coup se pahile politics me ==
[[1982]] me Ali, Alliance Party ke taraf se, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara ke running mate ban ke, Lau/Cakaudrove/Rotuma national seat jitis. Ii constituency me lagbhag sab voter logan Kaivit hai, tab koi surprise nai bhae jab uske Minister of Education banae dewa gais aur uu Kaiviti students logan ke scholarship jaada kar diis aur Kaviti school ke jaada paisa diis. Ali ke ek policy jisme Hindustani teacher logan ke Kaiviti school me jabarjasti bheja jaat rahaa, ke kaaran teacher union strike kar diis. Ali University of the South Pacific ke aakhri saal ke students ke kaam ke guarantee nai karis tab uu logan bhuk harrtaal kar diin. 1986 me Ali ke Minister for Information banae dewa gais.
== Coup ke baad politics me ==
Ali1987 waske ancoup earlyke supporterbaad, of SitiveniAli Rabuka's 1987ke coupside andliis servedaur in his first administration asuske Minister for Information banae dewa gais. October He1987 wasse Ministerlae withoutke PortfolioDecember in1987 thetak uu Interim Military Government fromme OctoberMinister towithout December,Portfolio 1987rahaa. HeUske thenbaad tookuu onpublic aservice careerme inbhati thehoe publicgais serviceaur becominguske Permanent Secretary for Youth, Employment Opportunities and Sports, Foreign Affairs and External Trade and Information and Communications banawa gais.Uu Hediplomatic alsoservice servedme inbhi thekaam diplomatickaris serviceaur asMalaysia ke High Commissioner toaur MalaysiaAuckland and earlier aske Consul-General inbhi Aucklandrahaa.
2001 ke election ke baad Ali ke Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase, Fiji ke Senate me nominate karis aur uske Senate ke Vice-President banawa gais. 2004 me uske Information and Media Relations banawa gais.
Ek chhota bemaari ke baad, Ali ke maut Prince of Wales Private Hospital, [[Sydney]], [[Australia]] me [[8 June]] [[2005]] ke hoe gais. Uu aapan piche aapan aurat, Bessie, aur dui larkan, Usman aur Hashim, ke chorr gais hai.
Following the [[Fiji election of 2001|parliamentary election]] held in [[2001]] to restore democracy following the [[Fiji coup of 2000|coup d'état]] the year before, Ali was appointed to the [[Senate (Fiji)|Senate]] by Prime Minister Qarase. (9 of the 32 Senators are appointed by the Prime Minister). Ali was subsequently chosen as [[Vice-President of the Senate (Fiji)|Vice-President of the Senate]], a position he held until [[20 December]] [[2004]], when he was appointed Minister for Information and Media Relations in the Qarase cabinet. He was to hold this portfolio till his death.
Following a short illness, Ali died at the [[Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney|Prince of Wales Private Hospital]] in [[Sydney]], [[Australia]], on [[8 June]] 2005. His funeral was held the next day at Sydney's [[Lakemba Mosque]]. The Fijian government was represented at the funeral by [[George Konrote]], Fiji's [[High Commissioner]] to Australia, and by [[Meli Malani|Ratu Meli Malani]], Fiji's [[Consul]] to Sydney. Time constraints made it impossible for any Cabinet colleagues of Ali's to attend the funeral, which had to be held the day after his death in accordance with [[Muslim]] protocol.
Ali was survived by his wife, '''Bessie,''' and their two sons, '''Usman''' and '''Hashim.'''
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