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: Girmit ke system khaali ek system hae jisse Hindustani logan ke colonies me bheja jaae sake hae.
:Committee ii bhi recommend karis ki Calcutta ke sab emigration agencies ke combine kar dewa jaae, Benares me ek aur depot banawa jaae, girmitya logan ke bharti kare ke jagha ke restrict karaa jaae, girmit ke barrhae pe rok lagawa jaae, aur Hindustani logan khatir school banawa jaae.
:Committee Hindustani logan ke Suva Council me vote kare ke adhikar ke hatae ke kosis ke virod karis. <ref> K. L. Gillion,'' Fiji's Indian Migrants'', Oxford University Press, London, 1962, p.164-5, ISBN 0190-55019-452550452-6 </ref>
* Natal me, free karaa gais girmitya logan ke uppar rukawat lagae ke virod me '''India ke Legislative Council''' ek kanuun pass karis jisse ke India ke sarkar ke uu des me girmitya logan ke bheje pe rukawat lagae ke adhikar dewa gais jiske Sarkar ke lage roke ke achchhaa kaaran hae. Ii prathao ke Gopal Krishna Gokhale rakkhis rahaa.
* '''Ek petition''', jispe Suva aur Rewa ke 200 Hindustani logan sign karin rahaa aur jiske Totaram Sanadhya Hindi me likhis rahaa aur jisme political representation and education ke maang karaa gais rahaa, ke sarkar ke dewa gais.
* Europeans asked for '''literacy test''' in the English language for the right to vote in the Suva municipal elections. It had the intended effect of decreasing the number of non-European electors and diminished the chances of any Indian being elected for many years to come.
* The Colonial Office objected to the practice of '''recruiting Government inspectors''' for plantations from the ranks of C.S.R. Company’s overseers, asking that in future they be selected from those not connected with the sugar industry in Fiji and preferably from the government cadets, who were appointed from England.
* '''Reverend J. W. Burton'''’s book, The Fiji of Today, was published in London. He wrote about his 10 years stay in Fiji and although most of the book was about Fijians, the section on Indians gave clear account of the conditions under which indentured labourers lived. A small pamphlet, Our Indian Work in Fiji, produced for sale in Australia and New Zealand, also drew attention to the appalling conditions of indentured labourers.
* [[7 March]] - '''[[S.S. Sangola V|Sangola jahaaj]]''', 926 girmitya logan ke lae ke 5th time [[Fiji]] aais.
* [[22 April]] - '''[[S.S. Santhia I|Santhia jahaaj]]''' 1021 girmitya logan ke lae ke pahila dafe [[Fiji]] aais.
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