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== References ==
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== Bahaari jorr ==
* [http://www.life.com/image/first/in-gallery/24871/picasso-drawing-with-light Picasso: Drawing With Light] - slideshow by ''[[Life magazine]]''
=== Museums ===
[[ImageFile:HotelSale hinten.JPG|thumb|[[Musée Picasso]], Paris, (Hotel Salé, 1659)]]
* [http://www.guggenheimcollection.org/site/artist_bio_126.html Guggenheim Museum Biography]
* [http://www.hiloartmuseum.org Hilo Art Museum, (Hilo Hawaii, USA)]
* [http://www.rosengart.ch/ Sammlung + Picasso Donation Rosengart (Lucerne, Switzerland)]
=== Essays ===
* [http://www.aestheticrealism.org/News-ck.htm ''Power and Tenderness in Men and in Picasso’s ‘Minotauromachy’ '' by Chaim Koppelman]
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