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{{Infobox Language
|name = Frenchs
|nativename = français
|pronunciation = {{IPA|[fʁɑ̃sɛ]}}
|official = [[List of countries where French is an official language|30 countries where used officially]]
|states = see [[#Geographic distribution|below]]
|speakers = native speakers: 68-72 million; (both native and second language) speakers: 265 million-<ref name="andaman.org">[http://www.andaman.org/BOOK/reprints/weber/rep-weber.htm The World's 10 Most Influential Languages] ''Top Languages'' Retrieved 2011-04-11</ref> 270 million<ref>[http://www.francophonie.org/IMG/pdf/Synthese-Langue-Francaise-2010.pdf La langue francaise dans le monde 2010] ''[[La Francophonie]]'' Retrieved 2010-04-14</ref>
|iso1 = fr
|iso2 = fri
|iso2b = fre
|iso2t = fra
|iso3 = fra
|familycolor = Indo-European
|fam1 = [[w:Indo-European|Indo-European]]
|fam2 = [[w:Italic languages|Italic]]
|fam3 = [[w:Romance languages|Romance]]
|fam4 = [[w:Italo-Western|Italo-Western]]
|fam5 = [[w:Western Romance|Western Romance]]
|fam6 = [[w:Gallo-Iberian|Gallo-Iberian]]
|fam7 = [[w:Gallo-Romance|Gallo-Romance]]
|fam8 = [[w:Gallo-Rhaetian|Gallo-Rhaetian]]
|fam9 = [[w:Oïl|Oïl]]
|script = [[w:Latin alphabet|Latin alphabet]] ([[w:French alphabet|French variant]])
[[File:Map-Francophone World.png|right|thumb|300px|Des jahan pe ''French'' me baat karaa jaae hae. Dark blue des me French official language hae.]]