Anfield, ii England kay Liverpool shehr, mae sthit ek football stadium hae. Ii Liverpool Football Club ka home ground hae, ii ma 45,276 logo ke baithe ke jagah hae.[1]

A two-tiered stand which has red seats, there are also white seats which spell out "L.F.C.. In front of the stand is a field of grass
View from the Anfield Road Stand
Location Liverpool,
Coordinates 53°25′50.98″N 2°57′39.05″W / 53.4308278°N 2.9608472°W / 53.4308278; -2.9608472Coordinates: 53°25′50.98″N 2°57′39.05″W / 53.4308278°N 2.9608472°W / 53.4308278; -2.9608472
Maalik Liverpool Football Club
Operator Liverpool Football Club
Executive suites 32
Baithe ke jagah 45,276[1]
Field size 101 x 68 metres
110 x 74 yd[2]
Surface Ghas[3]
Banaa rahaa 1884
Udghatan 1884
Liverpool Football Club


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Panorama Anfield, 20.12.2012, Point of View: Anfield Road Stand; left: Centenary Stand, middle: Kop Stand; right: Main Stand