Berlin, Germany ke capital aur sab se barraa city hae. Iske abaadi 3,711,930 hae (2017) lekin pahile iske abaadi aur jaada rahaa.

Ii city Germany ke eastern part me hae. Ii Poland se 70 km west me hae. Berlin ke area 891 square kilometers hae. Iske biich me se Spree Naddii flow hoe hae.

Berlin me dher jaana maana buildings hae, jaise ki Siegessäule, Brandenburger, Reichstag, boulevard Unter den Linden, Humboldt University, State Opera of Berlin.

World War II ke baad Berlin ke West Berlin aur East Berlin me baat dewa gais rahaa. 1961 me Berlin Wall ke banae se bahut kamti log east aur west ke biich me jae sakat rahin lekin iske 1989 me ukkhaarr dewa gais.

History of Berlin badlo

  • 1244 The first writings about a place called Berlin.
  • 1451 The Hohenzollern family moved to Berlin as the place to rule their country
  • 1618 – 48 After the Thirty Years' War in Germany, the number of Berlin's people dropped to only 6000
  • 1701 Berlin became capital of Prussia.
  • 1709 Berlin and its neighbor city Cölln (not Köln/Cologne) are combined to form the new Berlin.
  • 1806 The army of Napoleon Bonaparte moved into Berlin.
  • 1871 Berlin became capital of the German Empire.
  • 1920 The Old Berlin and some neighbour towns are combined into "Greater Berlin" (Groß-Berlin).
  • 1945 The town is divided into four sectors, used by the allies of World War II. There is a Soviet Sector, an American Sector, a British Sector and a French Sector.
  • 1949 After foundation of the two Germanies, the town is still divided. There is now West Berlin and East Berlin.
  • 1961 The Berlin Wall was built by the communist government of East Germany between the two halves of Berlin.
  • 1990 After German reunification, the Berlin Wall is torn down, and there is only one Berlin again. The new Berlin becomes the capital of one Germany.

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