Lipid ek rakam ke molecule hae, jiske biology me jaada kar ke kaam me laawa jae hae. Ii tel ke rakam hae. Charbi ke lipid molecules se banawa jaae hae. Lipid ke algae, seeds, meat, cheese, butter aur machhri me paawa jaae hae. Lipids are long chains of carbon and hydrogen molecules. Lipids are classified as simple and complex. Examples of complex molecules could be steroids or phospholipids.The function of the lipids is to serve as an energetic reserve.

Structures of some common lipids. At the top are oleic acid[1] and cholesterol.[2] The middle structure is a triglyceride composed of oleoyl, stearoyl, and palmitoyl chains attached to a glycerol backbone. At the bottom is the common phospholipid, phosphatidylcholine.[3]


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