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{{Infobox language
|name = Hebrew
|nativename = {{lang|he|עִבְרִית}}'' {{lang|he-Latn|Ivrit (Classical: ʕibrit)}}'' |pronunciation = '''standard Israeli:''' {{IPA|[(ʔ)ivˈʁit]}} - {{IPA|[(ʔ)ivˈɾit]}},<br />'''standard Israeli ([[Sephardi Hebrew|Sephardi]]):''' {{IPA|[ʕivˈɾit]}},<br />'''Iraqi:''' {{IPA|[ʕibˈriːθ]}},<br /> '''[[Yemenite Hebrew|Yemenite]]:''' {{IPA|[ʕivˈriːθ]}},<br />'''[[Ashkenazi Hebrew language|Ashkenazi]]:''' {{IPA|[ˈivʀis]}}
|region = [[Israel]] <br /> Global (as a [[liturgical language]] for [[Judaism]]), in [[West Bank]], and [[Gaza]]<ref>[https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/fields/2098.html?countryName=&countryCode=&regionCode=o CIA's World Fact Book]</ref>
|speakers = '''Total Speakers''' < 9,000,000 <br /> {{flagcountry|Israel}}<br />'''First Language''' 5,300,000 (2009);<ref>[http://www.ethnologue.com/ethno_docs/distribution.asp?by=size Ethnologue: Statistical Summaries<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref><br />'''Second Language''' 2,500,000 (2009)<br /> {{flagcountry|United States}}<br />'''Home Language''' 200,000 (approx.) in the [[United States]] speak Hebrew at home{{smallsup|1}}<br/><small>
<sup>1</sup>''United States Census 2000 PHC-T-37. Ability to Speak English by Language Spoken at Home: 2000. {{PDFlink|[http://www.census.gov/population/cen2000/phc-t37/tab01a.pdf Table 1a.]|11.8&nbsp;KB}}''</small> <br />
{{flagicon|Palestine}} <br /> '''[[Palestinian territories]]''' '''Second Language''' 500,000 - 1,000,000
Extinct as a regularly spoken language by the 4th century [[Common Era|CE]], but survived as a [[liturgical language|liturgical]] and [[literary language]];
[[Revival of the Hebrew language|revived]] in the 1880s
|familycolor = Afro-Asiatic
|fam2 = [[Semitic languages|Semitic]]
|fam3 = [[Central Semitic languages|Central Semitic]]
|fam4 = [[Northwest Semitic languages|Northwest Semitic]]
|fam5 = [[Canaanite languages|Canaanite]]
|script = [[Hebrew alphabet]]
|nation = {{ISR}}<BR>[[File:Star of David.svg|22px]] [[Judaism]]
|agency = [[Academy of the Hebrew Language]]<br />{{lang|he|האקדמיה ללשון העברית}} ({{lang|he-Latn|''HaAkademia LaLashon Ha‘Ivrit''}})
|iso1=he |iso2=heb
|lc1=heb |ld1=Modern Hebrew
|lc2=hbo |ld2=Ancient Hebrew |ll2=Biblical Hebrew language
|lingua = 12-AAB-a
}}{{Css Image Crop
|Image = Simtat_Aluf_Batslut.JPG
|bSize = 360px
|cWidth = 240
|cHeight = 100
|oTop = 82
|oLeft = 44
|Location = right
|Description = Hebrew [[street sign]], above in [[Hebrew alphabet]], below in [[Romanization of Hebrew|Latin letter transliteration]]
[[File:Israel in Hebrew.svg|thumb|"Israel", Hebrew alphabet me likha gais.]]
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