French bhasa (French: "français", uchaaran: [fʁɑ̃sɛ]) ek Romance bhasa hae, jisme pahile France, Canada (Québec), Belgium, Luxembourg, aur Switzerland me khaali baat karaa jawat rahaa. Abhi lag bhag 300 million log French bhasa me baat kare hae chaahe as native nai to assecond language.[3] Aur Romance bhasa ke rakam, iske noun have genders that are divided into male (masculin) and female (féminin) words.

Spoken insee below
Native speakersnative speakers: 68-72 million; (both native and second language) speakers: 265 million-[1] 270 million[2]  (date missing)
Language family
Writing systemLatin alphabet (French variant)
Language codes
ISO 639-1fr
ISO 639-2fre (B)
fra (T)
ISO 639-3fra
Des jahan pe French me baat karaa jaae hae. Dark blue des me French official language hae.

Itihaas badlo

Purana jamana me, Celts log abhi ke France me rahat rahin. Uu jaman me ii jagha ke Gaul (Gallia) bolaa jawat rahaa. Romans log aapan empire ke Gallia talak faelae ke Gallia ke aapan ek province banae liin. Kahe ki Roamn log Latin me baat karat rahin, local lg bhi Latin me baat kare lagin. Uu logan ke aapan bhasa, Gaulish, me kamti log baat kare lagin lekin Breton abhi talak France ke uu hissa me bola jaae hae jiske Brittany bola jaae hae. Ii bhasa purana Celtic bhasa se aais hae.

 Ii bhasa ke aapan Wikipedia  hai.
French bhasa edition   ke dekho

Jab Roman Empire khalas hoe gais tab Germanic logaae gain. Latin badal gais aur medieval France me dui accents nai to bhasa: langue d'oc aur langue d'oïl ban gais. Iske matlab hae "language of yes", kahe ki oc, "yes" ke sabd rahaa south me aur oïl ke matlab "yes" hae north me.

Examples badlo

Niche likha hae kuch French sabd aur sentences :

Sabd Matlab
Oui Han
Bonjour Aap kaise hae (formal)
Salut Kaise (informal)
Merci Dhanbaad
Merci beaucoup Dhanbaad
Monsieur Sriman
Madame Srimati
Homme Admi
Femme Aurat
Fille Larrki
Garçon Larrka
Poulet Murgi
Formidable Wonderful
En vacances Chhutti pe
Eau Paani
Manger Khao
Parlez-vous français? Aap French me baat karta hae?
Je parle français. Ham French me baat kata hae.
Comment allez-vous? Aap kaise hae? (uske khatir jon ki aap se barraa hae)
Comment vas-tu? Tum kaise hae? (uske khatir jon ki aap se chhota hae)
Je t'aime. Hame tum se pyar hae.
Où sont les toilettes s'il vous plaît ? Chhota ghar kahaan hae?
Comment t'appelles-tu? Aap ke naam konchi hae?
Je m'appelle... (your name) Hamaar naam hae ... (aap ke naam)
Je parle anglais Ham English me baat karta hae
S'il vous plaît Meharbani kar ke

Dher French word English1 Archived 2022-11-28 at the Wayback Machine word ke rakam hae (Kahe ki English me dher sabd Norman se aais hae, jon ki French ke rakam ke bhasa hae). Example khatir niche dekho:

Sabd Matlab
Non Nai
Théâtre Theatre
Crème Cream
Ballon Balloon
Difficile Karraa
Dragon Dragon
Rat Mus
Cinéma Cinema
Énergie Energy
Ennemi Dusman

French bhasa me ginti badlo

Number French me Number Fiji Hindi me
un ek
deux dui
trois tiin
quatre chaar
cinq paanch
six chhe
sept saat
huit aath
neuf nau
dix das


Countries where French is official language badlo

Niche ke suchi me 29 des hae jahan pe French official language hae. Yaad rakhna ki isme se dher des me French ke alawa aur bhasa hae aur abaadi ke matlab ii nai hae ki sab log French me baat kare sake hae.

Nr. Country Continent Population[5]
# - World 367,141,450
1. Democratic Republic of Congo Africa 66,514,506
2. France Europe 64,057,790
3. Canada North America 33,212,696
4. Madagascar Africa 20,042,551
5. Cameroon Africa 18,467,692
6. Côte d'Ivoire Africa 18,373,060
7. Burkina Faso Africa 15,264,735
8. Niger Africa 13,272,679
9. Senegal Africa 12,853,259
10. Mali Africa 12,324,029
11. Belgium Europe 10,403,951
12. Guinea Africa 10,211,437
13. Rwanda Africa 10,186,063
14. Chad Africa 10,111,337
15. Haiti Caribbean 8,924,553
16. Burundi Africa 8,691,005
17. Benin Africa 8,294,941
18. Switzerland Europe 7,581,520
19. Togo Africa 5,858,673
20. Central African Republic Africa 4,434,873
21. Republic of the Congo Africa 3,903,318
22. Gabon Africa 1,485,832
23. Comoros Africa 731,775
24. Equatorial Guinea Africa 616,459
25. Djibouti Africa 506,221
26. Luxembourg Europe 486,006
27. Vanuatu Oceania 215,446
28. Seychelles Africa 82,247
29. Monaco Europe 32,796

Iske saathe Vatican City , French-speaking des ke saathe French me communicate kare hae aur Puducherry, Tamilnadu, India ke ek official language French hae.

Dependent entities badlo

Nr. Country Continent Population Status
1. Louisiana North America 4,468,976 State of United States
Note that French is not de jure official
2. Pondicherry Asia 973,829 Union Territory of India
3. French Polynesia Oceania 283,019 Overseas Collectivity of France
4. New Caledonia Oceania 224,824 Overseas Collectivity of France
5. Mayotte Africa 216,306 Overseas Collectivity of France
6. Aosta Valley Europe 123,978 Autonomous region of Italy
7. Jersey Europe 91,533 British Crown dependency
8. Guernsey Europe 65,726 British Crown dependency
9. Saint-Martin North America 29,376 Overseas Collectivity of France
10. Wallis and Futuna Oceania 16,448 Overseas Collectivity of France
11. Saint-Barthélemy North America 7,492 Overseas Collectivity of France
12. Saint-Pierre and Miquelon North America 7,044 Overseas Collectivity of France
13. French Southern and Antarctic Lands Antarctica, Africa 140 TAAF districts
14. Clipperton North America 0 French state private property

Chaar overseas regions of France (régions d'outre-mer, or ROM): Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, and Réunion, have the same status as metropolitan France and are not listed here. (Analogous to the state of Hawaii having the same status as a continental U.S. state).

Countries where French is commonly used but not official badlo

Location of Maghreb
Nr. Country Continent Population
1. Morocco Africa 34,343,219
2. Algeria Africa 33,769,669
3. Tunisia Africa 10,383,577
4. Lebanon Asia 3,971,941
5. Mauritania Africa 3,364,940
6. Mauritius Africa 1,274,189
7. Andorra Europe 72,413

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References badlo

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