Konkani bhasa

Konkani bhasa ek bhasa hae.

कोंकणी , Konknni, ಕೊಂಕಣಿ, കൊംകണി
Naam ke bole ke dhang kõkɵɳi (standard), kõkɳi (popular)
Spoken in India Date founded no date
Region Konkan, includes the state of Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra and some parts of Kerala

Konkani is also spoken in the United States, England, Kenya,[1] Uganda, Pakistan, Persian Gulf,[2] Lisbon in Portugal

Total speakers ca. 7.6 million
Language family Indo-European
Writing system Devanagari (official),[3] Roman,[4] Kannada,[5] Malayalam and Arabic
Official status
Official language in India Goa, India
Regulated by Various academies and the Government of Goa[6]
Language codes
ISO 639-2 kok
ISO 639-3 kokMacrolanguage
individual codes:
gom – Goan Konkani
knn – Maharashtrian Konkani
Indic script
Ii panna me Indic text hae. Bina rendering support ke aap ke saait irregular vowel positioning aur a lack of conjuncts dekhai. More...


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  3. Devanagari has been promulgated as the official script.
  4. Roman script is not mandated as official script by law. However, an ordinance passed by the Government of Goa allows the use of Roman script for official communication.
  5. The use of Kannada script is not mandated by any law or ordinance. However, in the state of Karnataka, Konkani can be taught using the Kannada script instead of the Devanagari scirpt.
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